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If your dry, itchy skin is so uncomfortable it’s keeping you up at night, you may have eczema — a severely uncomfortable skin rash that tends to flare-up periodically and affects more than 30 million Americans. Triple board-certified internal medicine physician Suleman Lalani, MD, PA, in Sugar Land, Texas, specializes in the management of eczema and provides treatment to help you get relief from your skin rash. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema, also referred to as dermatitis, is a general term used to describe conditions that cause your skin to become swollen, red, and itchy. There are several different types of eczema and each has different triggers and specific characteristics, but most types cause you to develop a dry and itchy skin rash that leads to some significant discomfort.

Eczema can develop on any part of your body, but the skin rash most commonly occurs on the:

  • Face
  • Inside the elbows
  • Behind the knees
  • Hands or feet.

Getting treatment from Dr. Lalani for your eczema early may help you keep your itchy rashes under control so it doesn’t impact your quality of life.

What causes eczema?

You can develop eczema from any number of causes. Common causes of eczema include:

  • Underlying health condition
  • Allergies
  • Genetics
  • Skin irritants, such as ingredients in your skin lotion

Eczema isn’t contagious, so you didn’t catch it from someone and you can’t give to anyone, but it is a long-term health condition that can get worse over time without treatment.

If you have a skin rash and it’s affecting your quality of life, it’s time to call Dr. Lalani so he can evaluate your rash and provide treatment to help you get relief.

How is eczema treated?

Treatment for your eczema depends on your type of eczema. Dr. Lalani can determine the type based on the appearance of your rash, your other symptoms, and factors that lead to a flare-up. He then works closely with you to develop the most effective treatment plan aimed at reducing your flare-ups.

Treatment may include:

  • Individualized skin care regimen
  • Prescription skin creams or lotions
  • Light therapy

If your eczema is caused by allergies, Dr. Lalani can help you develop a plan to minimize your exposure to the allergen and prescribe allergy medication as needed.

Stress can also trigger eczema flare-ups. Dr. Lalani may help identify your sources of stress affecting your skin and help you develop techniques for better stress management to keep your skin free of rashes.

If you’ve been struggling with itchy, red rashes and need relief, call Dr. Lalani’s office today or request an appointment online.